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In Progress

Sac de l’Espoir (Anges). (Bag of Hope - Angels) 2008-2016
(in progress) Wool, Packagings, Drawings, Objects. Embroidery. Perls.<br/> Materials around medically assisted pregnancy. Exhibition and Publication.

Lait de mère. (Milk of a Mother) 2011-2016.
Drawings and writings with maternal milk and an essay by Eva Waniek.

Some Bonds Matter. Scheine von Gewicht. 2015-2018.
Bonds in Real and in Fiction. On Life, Love and other Obligations.<br/>Book Project and Artistic Research. Berlin, Vienna.


Ich bin eine Berlinerin. Ein Alphabet. (I am a Berlinerin. An Alphabet.) 2015.
Encounters with extraordinary women in Berlin. Poetry. dlv (Deutscher Lyrik Verlag, D).

Éclats de Ville (Splitters of a City; Walking in Thessaloniki). 2015.
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (GR).
Deconstructing a map. Paper on papier, collage.

Bonds Matter. (Obligations obligent) 2015.
Talk. Symposion „Gespenster der Gastfreundschaft. Agora – Gabe – Gegengabe (Phantasmata of hospitality – agora – gift – counter gift). University of Macédonia/ Goethe Institute, Thessaloniki (GR). To be published in 2016.

−+−. (Die Gekreuz(ig)ten/ The Crucified) 2014/2015.
Agora und Gabe. (Agora and Gift), MIET (Art Foundation oft he National Bank of Greece), Thessaloniki (GR).
Oil painting on wood. Objects and paintings.

Pochette Surprise. Beiträge zum Mysterium und Ministerium der OikoNomia (Contributions to the mystery et ministry of the OikoNomia). 2014.
An surprising ladies hand bag in cooperation with Helena Barcikowski and Nina Reisinger. Cardboard, textiles, paper, pencils, painting, yarn.
Galerie Gabriel, Vienna (A).

Prinzen. Rollen. Gedichte (Roles of Prince, Poetry). 2014.
dlv (Deutschen Lyrik Verlag, D).

BONDS MATTER. Schuld mit Schein. Schulden mit Schein. Einige Aspekte des Lebens, Liebens und Schuldens. 2013-2014. 
("Bonds Matter. Certified Guilt. Certified Debts. Some Aspects of Life, Love and Debt."
Article published in Thomas Macho (Ed.): Bonds. Schuld, Schulden und andere Verbindlichkeiten. Fink, D)

Figure in a Novel:
Ulrike Schmitzer: Es ist die Schwerkraft die uns umbringt. (Ulrike Schmitzer: Gravitiy is killing us. Novel).. Roman, Edition Atelier. 2014.
Description of a series of unrealised and realised art works by Irini Athanassakis as a part of a science fiction novel).

Von einer unwahrscheinlichen Schuld. (Of an improbable fault). 2013.
Exhibition/ skype Performance, sculptures, drawings and poems for the project Kosmopoliten am Ende des Erdölzeitalters (Cosmopolitans at the end of the age of petrol. With Susanne Schuda and Peter Szely.
Die Vierte Welt, Berlin (D).

A Merry Bond? A Love Bond! How to consent to give a pound of your own flesh for money you do not have but you have promised to a friend who wishes to marry a rich lady. And why justice has to be dealt by that very lady. 2013.
Talk. Conference "Money Matters", Queen Mary University London (GB).

WARUM (why). 2013.
Pencil on paper. Drawings. And the beginning of the "WARUM" Book (The Book of "Why") Anonyme Zeichner, Galerie Nord, Berlin (D) and Temporary Art Center, Eindhoven (NL).

Short film in cooperation with Sasha Pirker. Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House oft he Cultures oft he World, Berlin (D).

BONDS: Schuld, Schulden und andere Verbindlichkeiten. Bonds. Debt, Guilt and other liabilities. 2012..

Conference, Exhibition, Theatre: An Initiative with Thomas Macho; artistic direction. A cooperation of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin (D).

Debt Bond. Printed. A cooperation with Nikolai Franke. Distribution of the debt bond in Kassel (D).

In Erwartung des Lebens (Expecting life). 2012.
Drawings, painting, objects. Paper, pencils, ink, wool, mothers milk, plaster, umbilical cord. Galerie Katja Krämer, Berlin (D).

Ist es ein Plus? Oder ein Minus? (Is it a plus? Is it a minus?). 2012.
Drawings on paper, kaleidoscop-art, Berlin (D).

Random Walks (walks of chance). 2011.
Drawings on Paper, The Art Foundation (TAF), Athens (GR).

mOre Or less. 2011.
Die Zähmung des Blicks – Taming the Gaze.
Ink on paper. MIET (Fondation of the National Bank of Greece), Thessaloniki (GR).

Und wenn das Universum weiss wäre? (And if the Universe Were White?). 2011.
Ink on paper. Galerie Lukas Feichtner, Vienna (A).

The Dictionary of the Possible and the Uncertain. 2011.
Artistic Text in "Gedanken in freiem Fall", Sophia Panteliadou, Elisabeth Schäfer (Ed.).

Engel. Angelos, Malak(h), Fereshteh. Figuren des Dazwischen und des Möglichen (Angels. Figures oft he Inbetween and the Possible). 2011.
Essay. Published in "Daimon", Online Thesaurus by Thomas Feuerstein,

Was ist was wert? (What is worth what?). 2010.
Survey and intervention in the public space in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, with students of the Hochschule Liechtenstein (LI).

Heiliger Schein (Holy Bill). 2010.
Printed bill for the exhibition „Die Kunst der Krise“ (Art in crises)
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (D).

Anamnese. 30 Houses. 2010/2008.
Drawings on paper. Alive memories and feelings of the 30 houses and appartements I used to live in. Galerie Lukas Feichtner Vienna (A).

Es ist möglich. Es ist ungewiss. (It is Possible. It is Uncertain). 2010.
Drawing the possible and the uncertain.
Moabiter Kulturtage „Inselglück“, Atelier 5, Berlin (D).

Das Spiel mit dem Geld (The Game with the Money). 2010.
Essay on Games and Money.
Ernst Strouhal/ Matthias Fuchs (Ed.): Grenzen des Spiels. Passagen des Spiels II. Springer Wien. (A).

FinArts. Die feine Kunst und die Kunst der Finanzen. (FinArts. Fine Arts and the Art of Finance) 2010
Essay on art and finance. In: Dieter Buchhart / Gerald Nestler (Ed..) Ökonomie und Kunst. Kunstforum International No.200/201 (D).

Laboratory of Uncertainty. 2009
Foundation of a laboratory of artistic and scientific concerning uncertainty in art and science in Vienna (A).
With Gerald Nestler, Axel Stockburger, Sylvia Eckermann, Thomas Feuerstein.


La Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l´Homme rencontre le hasard. (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Meets the Hazard) 2008
Public Intervention in Paris.

Die Aktie als Bild. Zur Kulturgeschichte von Wertpapieren. (The Share as Cultural Object and Image. 2008.
Monography edited by Springer Wien New York. Publication oft he doctoral thesis in philosophy with distinction (Vienna, A 2007).

Die Aktie in Österreich. The Share in Austria. 2008.
Conception of the exhibition unit for financial shares in Austria for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (A).

ValYou Corporation. Pour Susanne Schuda. 2007/8/9.
Name and histoiry of the Fictional Company „ValYou Corporation“ for artist Susanne Schuda. The Company evaluates men and women (Intervention in the public space in Vienna and publication, KÖR (A)).

Accès surface/ Accès local. 2002.
With Rosa von Suess and Accès Local (F). Installation/ Exhibition „Art & Economy“, Deichtorhallen Hamburg (D).

bilanal – with acces local, ironic balance sheet analysis on the production of art. 2001.
DVD and Theory. With the collectif Accès Local/ Philippe Mairesse. Installation. Schnitt Ausstellungsraum Cologne (D).

Dis-positiv, zur Produktivität von Kunst und Diskurs. On productivity of art et and discourse. With KunstundPunkt/ Richard Jochum. 2000, 2001.
The dispositiv of contemporary art is exhibited by showing members o fit (critics, curators, museum directors etc.) Shown among others in the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (A), Magazin 4 in Bregenz (A) and Schnitt Ausstellungsraum Cologne (D).

Die Option, Eine Skulptur. Ein Lexikon. (The Option. A Scupture. A Dictionary 1999/ 2000.
Sculpture in the shape of the three dimensional simulation curve of financial risk of options (sensitivity). Beginning of work on the Dictionary of the Possible and the Uncertain.
Published among others in:
SozialMaschine. Geld. Wolfgang Pircher (Ed.) OK Centrum für Gegenwartskunst, Linz 2001 (A).